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SUSLA Center For Student Success kicks off Black History Month activities - 2/4/2014 -

To kick-start SUSLA's Black History Month activities, the Center for Student Success staff hosted a game show, "Jag-History" a show-down between the students to see who could win fast cash, door prizes, and Jag-Spirit. The game consisted of history facts about Southern University Shreveport, African-American activists, and African-American films/movies. Professor Brenda Wimberly allowed her college success classes to participate in this event along with other students who gathered to win the prizes and the coveted "SUSLA Baton." The questions were educational but challenging and competitive. The students enjoyed enhancing their knowledge in a fun and engaging environment.

College Success team members included Shameka Dixon, Tuesday Williams, Major Brock, Elbert Foules and Tiffany Manning.

-Photo SUSLA Communications and Public Relations


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