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SU's 'Human Jukebox' performs at pregame of Super Bowl XLVII - 2/3/2013 -

Band Director Lawrence Jackson kept his pep talk simple moments before Southern University's Human Jukebox marching band took the field for its six-minute pregame show in front of more than 70,000 people at Super Bowl XLVII.

""Stay focused, execute and have fun--that's all I told them because they already knew what to do," Jackson said in a phone interview from a bus headed to a Golden Corral after the performance. "It's muscle memory now. We rehearsed so much, practiced so much."

Just before the band went onto the field, CBS, the network with the contract to televise the Super Bowl, cut to a commercial.

Jackson said he and the students knew beforehand that the band would not be featured on television but that did not change how the band practiced or performed.

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