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SUNO Honda Campus All-Star Challengers headed to finals - 3/13/2013 -

A team of students from Southern University New Orleans are preparing for 2013 National Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC) championship April 6-10, 2013, at American Honda headquarters in Torrance, California.

At the 2012 HCASC championship, the SUNO's challenge team landed in the Great Eight (finals).

HCASC is a Q&A game that combines academic material, popular culture, and sports in a format emphasizing quick recall. African=American history and culture are prominently featured in the questions. The HCASC season involves two levels of play--Campus Games and the National Championship. Forty-eight teams compete for financial grants from Honda ranging from $3,000 to $50,000.

Since 1997, SUNO's Honda Challengers have participated in 10 National Honda Campus All-Star Challenges, winning more than $32,000 in grants.

HCASC is the first-ever academic competition between students at America's Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Now in its 24th season, nearly 100,000 HCASC players have demonstrated their incredible intellects and fast recall, and for their efforts, have earned
over $7 million in grants from Honda for their institutions. Presently, teams are gearing up for the National Championship to take place at American Honda headquarters in Torrance, California.


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