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SU football alumni group donates to team - 5/2/2013 -

The Southern University Football Alumni Association (SUFAA), May 2, 2013, presented the Jaguar football team with workout shirts during a team meeting. Head football coach Dawson Odums turned to SUFAA for help to provide the team with the shirts to bring uniformity to the team's weight-room workouts. SUFAA president and former SU and NFL great Kenneth Ellis presented the new workout shirts at the team meeting. "The uniform shirts give the players a feeling of camaraderie while working out, making them one," said Ellis, a pastor at Bethany World Prayer Center. SUFAA was organized a year ago by SU football alumni who wanted to give back to the football organization and SU athletics. One of the organization's goals is to connect past, present, and future SU football players by providing social, academic, and professional assistance, as well as financial resources. SUFAA is currently raising money through its "$60K in 60 Days" campaign to purchase technology-- laptops, software. and licensing --for the football program.


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