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SUS campuses pass LA GRAD Act - 6/27/2013 -

Southern University System campuses have all green lights for the next academic year regarding tuition authority, performance funding, and operational autonomies.

The Louisiana Board of Regents announced June 27, 2013, that all public colleges and universities were successful in meeting the required score for passage of the LA GRAD (Granting Resources and Autonomy for Diplomas) Act.

The GRAD Act, which was approved by the Legislature in 2010, grants colleges and universities increased autonomy and flexibility in exchange for a commitment to meet clearly defined statewide performance goals. The Board of Regents enters into six-year agreements that set institution specific targets, including annual performance measures that result in educational improvements by the end of the timeline. Regents monitors the annual performance of each institution and submits a report to the legislature and the governor, by July 15, on the progress in meeting the performance objectives of the Act. The GRAD Act 2.0 legislation signed into law July 12, 2011, gives colleges more autonomy in purchasing and other projects in exchange for increased college graduation, retention rates, and overall graduates.

"Obviously we are extremely happy that the Universities have meet these standards and will continue our commitment to meet La GRAD performance goals to improve outcomes and increase opportunities for students," said SU System president Ronald Mason Jr.

The GRAD Act includes four performance objectives--student success, articulation and transfer, workforce and economic development, and institutional efficiency and accountability. Because each institution has its own targets for progress, it is measured against its own improvement plan during the annual review process. However, each campus must achieve successful attainment of the student success objective in order to retain its tuition authority and autonomy eligibility. 

The SU System campuses received a GRAD Act annual review green designation that means each campus passed the student success objective and two or three other GRAD Act performance objectives


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