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SU Ag Center prepares students for the annual National Science Day - 9/23/2013 -

As part of 4-H National Youth Science Day, 25 youth from Southern University Laboratory School’s ninth grade science class, October 9, 2013, will participate in the 4-H Maps & Apps: the 2013 National Science Experiment. With 4-H Maps & Apps, thousands more young people will take the first step as they apply cartography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)/Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology skills and become community planners.

Designed by the Colorado State University Extension, the 2013 National Science Experiment is 4-H Maps & Apps, a set of activities that will turn young people into geospatial thinkers as they design and map their ideal park, using GIS mapping to solve community problems and contribute data about their community to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

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