SU Board Current Month Packet
Current Board Packet

Budget Documents

SU Board and System Administration Operating Budget FY 2017-2018

Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College Operating Budget FY 2017-2018

  Southern University at New Orleans Operating Budget 

 FY 2017 2018

 Southern University at Shreveport Operating Budget 

 FY 2017-2018

  Southern University Law Center Operating Budget 

 FY 2017-2018

Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center  Operating Budget FY 2017-2018

SU Board and System Inter-Institutional Cost Transfers Direct Charges Budget FY 2017-2018 

SU Board and System Unrestricted Fund Inter-Institutional Cost Transfers Budget FY 2017-2018 

SU Board and System Special Meals and Miscellaneous Travel Budget FY 2017-2018

SU System 2017-2018 Operating Budget Form BOR-10 Salaries  of Non-Classified Employees and Form BOR-11 Salaries of  Classified Employees 

 SUBR - Athletic Budget FY18

 SUSLA- Athletic Budget FY18

 SUNO- Athletic Budget FY18



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