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Southern University System

Su Alumni List - Medical

SU is among the top 100 degree producers of African-American baccalaureate degrees in biological and biomedical sciences, engineering, mathematics and statistics, and physical sciences (Diverse, 2007). This is significant at a time when much focus is on minority students being less prepared for the STEM disciplines.

For decades, Southern University has been fostering African-American success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. An impressive trend of this notable accomplishment has been a steady flow of SU grads into medical schools around the country.

In preparing for the cover story for the Spring/Summer 2009 issue of the SU System Magazine, the editorial staff searched various sources to compile a list of Southern University alumni who went on to study at medical schools around the country. After researching College of Sciences and alumni records along with some word-of-mouth leads, we came up with an impressive list of more than 120 outstanding graduates.

Here’ the list in progress. If we missed you or someone you know, please e-mail us at and we will be happy to add you here.


Jada Armstrong, M.D.

B.S. 1987



Shatona Berard, D.D.S

B.S. 2004dentistry

Nicole Bernard, M.D.

B.S. 1999
Darin W. Bradford, M.D.
B.S. 1986cardiothoracic surgery

Dana Broussard-Perry, M.D.

B.S. 1986

allergy and immunology
pediatric allergy and immunology

Chandra Brown
family medicine
Darell Carmen, M.D.

Joni Branaugh Claville, M.D.
M.S. 2000
emergency medicine
Tanya ClaytonB.S.
pediatric allergy and immunology
Dennis Colbert, M.D.B.S. 1980internal medicine
Pamela Brown Daniel, D.D.S.B.S. 1984dentistry
Kimberly Davis, D.D.S.B.S. 1990family dentistry
Ted Edwards, D.O.B.S. 1988
Michael Felton, M.D.
family practice

James Fremont, M.D.

B.S. 1966obstetrics and gynecology
Joi Freemont, D.D.S.
Kimberly D. Gilbert, M.D.
physical medicine and rehabilitation
Corey Hall, M.D.B.S. 1991family practice
Helen K. Hedgemon, M.D.B.S. 1968pediatrics
Keith Hodge, M.D.B.S. 1994

internal medicine
emergency medicine

Shamalon Johnson, M.D.B.S. 2000psychiatry
Melvin Jones, D.D.S.

Myra Kleinpeter, M.D.

B.S. 1984internal medicine
Susan Leggett-Johnson, M.D.
internal medicine
Terry Lewis Johnson, M.D.B.S. 1979pediatrics
Roderick Love, M.D.

Cessley Marsellus, M.D.
pediatric medicine
Lisa Moore, M.D.1982

maternal and fetal medicine
obstetrics and gynecology

Sadiat Kristina Olatunbosun, M.D.

Saosat Maria Olatunbosun, D.D.S.B.S. 2004dentistry
Ambika Osborn, M.D.B.S. 1999
Ali Osman, M.D.

emergency medicine
family practice

Ursula Poydras, M.D.B.S. 1983internal medicine
Cheryl Randall, M.D.
diagnostic radiology
Gloria Richard-Davis, M.D.B.S. 1971

obstetrics and gynecology
reproductive endocrinology and Infertility

Jonathan Roberts, M.D.B.S. 1985internal medicine
Jonathan R. Russell, M.D.B.S. 1989obstetrics and gynecology
Curtis Sanders, M.D.
obstetrics and gynecology
Vincent Shaw, M.D.

family practice
sports medicine

Maurice Sholas, M.D.B.S. 1991

pediatric rehabilitation
physical medicine and rehabilitation

Mia Singleton-Ben, M.D.
pediatric medicine
Rosalyn Slaughter, M.D.
pediatric medicine
Marshall H. Smith, M.D.
B.S. 1990
forensic psychiatrist and family practice
active duty Army Lieutenant Colonel
Kelvin A. StephensB.S. 1984
Stephanie Talton-Williamson, M.D.B.S. 1990internal medicine
Veronica M. Thomas, M.D.B.S. 1973pediatric medicine
Ursula Poydras, M.D.B.S. 1983internal medicine
Tania A.White-Jackson, M.D.B.S. 1984obstetrics and gynecology
Rani Whitfield, M.D.B.S. 1992

family practice
sports medicine

Willie Winzer, M.D.
internal medicine
Joshua O. Williams Jr., M.D.B.S. 1965family practice
Sonseeahray Wilson (Bridges), M.D.B.S. 1987

pediatric emergency medicine

Eric Yancy, M.D.B.S. 1972pediatrics

Lab School
Chandra G. Higginbotham, M.D.
obstetrics and gynecology
David Hall, D.D.S.

Nedra Clem Jackson, M.D.
family practice
Spyrie Mays M.D.
Stan Mays, M.D.
family practice
Tashawn Mustiful, M.D.
internal medicine
Yolanda O'rourke, M.D.
internal medicine

Clyde Yancy, M.D.
internal medicine

SU Law Center
James Hines III, M.D.J.D. 1984family practice
Jasmine Brooks, M.D.
Anthony Ioppola
general practitioner

Ezra Bowens1968dentist
Brenda Butler1974general practitioner
Rosalind Cropper1975general practitioner
Larry Cruell1990podiatrist
Trya Depenza-Tate1990general practitioner
Vincence Dillion1975psychiatrist
Elloise Joseph
general practitioner
Alton Lawson1963Ob/Gyn
Victory Lewis1984general practitioner
Robert Magee1973general practitioner
Lamar Malin1967general practitioner
Robert Martin1985anesthesiologist
Elizabeth Oyekan1998general practitioner
Chika Okafor1999general practitioner
Henry Pete1979general practitioner
Janice Pharr1975general practitioner
Charles Smith1963general practitioner
Thaddeus Temple1978general practitioner
Darrin Vigee1992general practitioner