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Southern University System

Employee Development and Orientation


Imagine, if you will, a workplace free of all physical and psychological hazards allowing employees to perform their duties to the best of their abilities without any threat of grievance. Can this be possible?

Employee development has become a prevalent topic concerning today's workforce. Human Resource trends concede more time, finances, and attention be budgeted towards the development of a more effective workforce. Training assists employees in learning to perform job duties more effectively, while preparing them for future promotional opportunities. However, employers have realized that training should no longer be exclusively aimed towards developing physical job skills. Non-physical factors play too important a role in the 'total employee' to be overlooked. Programs such as Customer Service, Stress Management, Public Contact, and Conflict Resolution help an employee develop personal skills which employees utilize daily when interacting with customers, co-workers, subordinates, and superiors. Ergonomics and Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls covers the aspects of safe and healthy working environments. Better understanding of rules, policies, and procedures make employees more confidant in their jobs.

How to access LEO courses (click to download the instructional handout).

Employees should make note of the 2015 Employee Development Calendar below:

Louisiana Civil Service videos

How to book a LEO web based course.


New Employee Orientation

Click the picture below to view the New Employee presentation.

PDF fill-able forms - New employee packet.  Bring the completed forms to Orientation.

New Employee Paperwork links are below.  Each of the four files should be completed.

(1) Main new employee paperwork packet

(2) Louisiana State Tax Form

(3) Federal Tax Form

(4) Form I-9

Orientation is conducted at 9:00 am on Tuesdays

J.S. Clark Annex Building
Human Resources

For questions, contact Andrea Benjamin (