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Southern University System

Southern University System Board Members

Southern University System Board Of Supervisors Members


     The members of the Board are appointed by the Governor of the State to overlapping six year terms. Their appointments are subject to confirmation by the Louisiana State Senate. The sixteen-member Board consists of two members from each of the Stateís Congressional Districts, three members from the State at large and one student member. 

The student representative, who serves a one-year term, is elected annually from the current presidents of the student body on one of the Systemís three campuses or the Law Center.

Congressional District 1
Congressional District 1
Congressional District 2
Congressional District 2

John L. Barthelemy

Mr. Mike A. Small

Rev. Donald R. Henry

Dr. Leroy Davis

Congressional District 3
Congressional District 3
Congressional District 4
Congressional District 4

Mr. Raymond M. Fondel Jr.

Atty. Patrick D. Magee

Mr. Richard T. Hilliard

Rev. Joe R. Gant Jr.

Congressional District 5
Congressional District 5
Congressional District 6
Congressional District 

Mrs. Ann A. Smith

Dr. Curman L. Gaines

Rani G. Whitfield, M.D.

Atty. Tony M. Clayton

Student Member

Rev. Samuel C. Tolbert Jr.

Dr. Leon R. Tarver II

Atty. Domoine D. Rutledge

Mr. Armond Duncan