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SUNO chancellor to receive award from African Writers Endowment - Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Southern University at New Orleans (SUNO) Chancellor Victor Ukpolo will receive the 2010 Quintessence Award from the African Writers Endowment, Incorporated on Saturday, August 28, 2010, at the Marriot Trenton Hotel in Trenton, New Jersey.

An accomplished and extensively published professor of economics, Ukpolo has been at the helm of SUNO since January of 2006 having previously served Southern University System vice president for academic and student affairs.

The Quintessence Award is given each year as part of "Quintessence Ball: A Celebration of African People in World History. "The award is presented to at least one continental African leader and at least one African-American leader 'for distinguished accomplishments in the person's field of endeavor, and for outstanding contributions to the history and heritage of African people'." The Quintessence Ball brings together African people from Africa, North America, and the Caribbean. Ukpolo will be honored along with Ambassador Joy Uche Ogwu, the Nigerian Ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations, and the Honorable Tony Mack, mayor of the City of Trenton, New Jersey.

A native of Nigeria, Ukpolo started work in America as a dishwasher and taxi driver to put himself through school. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland in College Park and received his master of arts and doctorate of philosophy degrees from The American University, Washington, D.C. Ukpolo serves as a member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities’ Committee on Economic and Workforce Development.

Ukpolo is being honored because of his efforts in leading the SUNO's recovery after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In 2006, the Tall Drums television team did a documentary on Ukoplo and the recovery efforts at SUNO (