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SUNO enrollment highest since Hurricane Katrina - Wednesday, February 9, 2011
The official 2011 Spring enrollment for Southern University, New Orleans (SUNO) is 3,318, representing the University's highest enrollment since Hurricane Katrina. This figure also signifies a 91 percent return of SUNO's pre-Katrina enrollment of 3,647 students. Additionally, this marks a six percent increase in enrollment from Spring 2010 to Spring 2011. When the University resumed its on-campus operations in Spring 2006, the enrollment was 2,037.
"This signifies that students remain confident that we are a great fit for them as they pursue their respective undergraduate and graduate degrees," said Victor Ukpolo, chancellor of SUNO.

"We are thankful for the continued student support as well as the continued resilience of the administration, faculty, and staff. We had more than 3,500 students registered, but financial difficulties prevented some of them from finalizing their commitments to the University, said Ukpolo."

University guidelines require students to pay their fees by the fourteenth day of classes.
Spring 2011 is the second semester that SUNO has implemented selective admission mandated by the Louisiana Board of Regents, and the University's enrollment has increased even with those standards in place.