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Southern University System launches 'Support Our Southern' campaign - Friday, February 25, 2011

SU System President Ronald Mason Jr. makes remarks during the SU System's launch of its,"Support Our Southern," advocacy campaign. In the background (left -right) is SU Ag Center Chancellor Leodrey Williams, SU Shreveport Chancellor Ray L. Belton, SU Baton Rouge Chancellor Kofi Lomotey, and SU Baton Rouge SGA President Demetrius Sumner.

Southern University System today officially launched its advocacy campaign, "Support Our Southern, Preserving Our History....Protecting Our Future." 

Support Our Southern, is a general support and fundraising campaign dedicated to preserving access to education, excellence in teaching, and most importantly, ensuring the perpetuity of the Southern University System. The action was created in response to the budget crisis, along with discussions, that centered around the possible merger of SUNO and UNO.  

"We are here to announce the, S.O.S - Support Our Southern Campaign, but the letters could easily also stand for save our schools or save our state," said SU System President, Ronald  Mason Jr. "We sound the alarm because we should all be concerned, yes for Southern today, but also for Louisiana tomorrow."

Campus chancellors also provided their support for this initiative, pledging to host events on their respective campuses. During the launch, faculty, staff, students and community leaders were asked to remain committed and engaged to the campaign by conveying the importance and value of the entire Southern University System.

"All of our campuses significantly and positively impact the state of Louisiana," said SU System Board Chairman Darren Mire.  "As the only HBCU system in the nation, it is critical that the Southern University System continues to produce skilled professionals who can fuel the economic sustainability of our state and nation."

The next Support Our Southern event will be a student rally on Friday, March 11, 2011, at the Smith-Brown Memorial Student Union in Baton Rouge. To find out more about the Support Our Southern campaign, visit

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