Contract Review Procedure

Southern University System General Counsel - Contract Review Policy

The General Counsel has established a contract review policy which is outlined in the System Administrative Memorandum (SAM), effective October 15, 2010 - (click here to view).

To facilitate the review, follow the process outlined below for submission:

  1. Obtain an electronic copy of your contract (Word format preferred).  Please ensure that you do not have any spaces in the name of your document.
  2. Submit your contract for review by clicking this link >> contract submission and completing submission information (You can only upload one contract at a time; if you have multiple contracts, you must complete a submission form for each contract). If your document file size exceeds 10MB you will not be able to upload the document; complete the submission form and you will be contacted with an alternate means of submitting your contract document.
  3. After your contract review request is logged, you will be contacted for further handling of your request.

State of Louisiana Division of Administration - Office of State Procurement (OSP)

The State of Louisiana Office of State Procurement (OSP) (click here for link to OSP) is a section within the Division of Administration, charged by law with adopting rules and regulations for the procurement, management, control and disposition of all professional, personal, consulting, and social services contracts required by state agencies.

The Office of State Procurement decides all matters of policy relative to professional, personal, consulting, and social services contracts.



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