Criteria for Naming of Buildings

The Naming of Buildings Committee recommends to the Facilities Planning Committee prospective honorees based on the established criteria listed below:

1. The current use of the building

2. The person the building or street is named for must be deceased. No time limit is required.

3. The following categories for selecting honorees:

a. Persons who were outstanding at Southern University

b. Persons who died in service to the University

c. Outstanding student who died in military service

d. Persons who have made significant contributions to the University


Procedures for the Naming of Buildings

1. The Chancellor informs the chairman of the Facilities Planning Committee that there is a need to name a building.

2. The Chairman of the Naming of Buildings Committee, a sub-committee of the Facilities Planning Committee, is contracted and a date is set for the committee to meet. It is at this time that committee members are informed of the building to be discussed.

3. The Chairman of the Naming of Buildings Committee contacts the Chairman of the department housed in the building for suggestions of names to be considered. Sources of information of the persons are also requested.

4. The Chairman communicates with the sources to get biographical information on each of the persons suggested.

5. The committee meets to discuss the request, the names submitted and to make recommendations.

6. The Committee makes recommendations to the Facilities Planning Committee.

7. The Facilities Planning Committee approves the names and submits them to the Chancellor for his approval.

8. The Chancellor makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for its consideration.

9. The Board of Supervisors act on the names.

10. The Chairman of the Facilities Planning Committee is informed of the decision made.



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