Bylaws - Preamble

The Southern University System includes the following institutions: Southern University and Agricultural and Mechanical College at Baton Rouge, the Southern University Law Center, Southern University at New Orleans and Southern University at Shreveport, the Agricultural Research and Extension Center administered by the Board, and any other college, university, school, institution or program now or hereafter assigned to the Southern University Board of Supervisors. The System is concerned with the affairs of the mind, with learning and its visible expression in scholarship, with the preparation of highly skilled individuals for the labor force, and with the overall improvement of the quality of life. These concerns are addressed within the framework of the mission of the System, through flexible curricula which embrace many of the areas of learning, through faculty of high academic quality, and through those other components which enable a university to meet the emerging new changes arising out of the growing complexity of American society.



The Southern University System is committed to the education of a diverse clientele. Academically talented and well prepared students as well as students who show promise but whose backgrounds reflect the nature of the educational systems to which they have been exposed are admitted to each of the System's campuses. The University's record in transforming both groups of students into scholars and productive citizens is uniquely unassailable. In assuming this vital task, the Southern University System performs a special function for the State of Louisiana and the nation. Further, by virtue of its concerns for the education of disadvantaged youth, enrollment status, and exit patterns, the Southern University System is a major means through which minority and disadvantaged citizens may receive a quality post-secondary education in Louisiana.


The Southern University System has had an enormously positive impact on the social, economic, and professional character of the entire State of Louisiana. As its mission continues to be modified and its curricula and other components units updated, the services which the Southern University System will provide for the citizens of Louisiana will be of immeasurable value.


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