Part II Article IX of Bylaws







Section 1. Unclassified and Classified Staff Definition.

All positions (student positions excluded) shall be either unclassified or classified. 



Section 2. Unclassified and Classified Staff Personnel Policies.

The President shall be responsible for administering staff personnel policies and procedures. These policies and procedures shall contain provisions for employing, disciplining and terminating staff personnel, for reporting grievances, in accordance with policies and procedures approved by the Board, for submitting appeals from decisions which the employee considers to be unfair because of some discriminating or non-meritorious factor, for the consideration of charges of incompetence or unsatisfactory performance of duties, and for holding appropriate hearings. Provisions shall be made for close coordination in personnel administration among the units of the University System.    




Personnel administration for classified employees shall be in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Department of Civil Service, State of Louisiana and the University. 



Section 3. Appointments.

Each appointment to a position on the unclassified or classified staff shall be made on the basis of the qualifications and special fitness of the individual for the work demanded by the position. Each such appointment shall be in accordance with provisions of Article VII, Section 2(C) and 6(D) of these bylaws. Unclassified and classified staff should maintain the credentials appropriate for the performance of their assigned duties.



Section 4. Duties and Privileges of Unclassified and Classified Staff.

Each classified and unclassified staff member is expected to be cognizant of the University's educational mission and to be devoted to the accomplishment of the purposes for which the University exists. The University, in turn, is committed to providing favorable conditions of work, a pleasant environment for its personnel, and for their involvement in University cultural and recreational activities.


Section 5. Responsibilities of Unclassified and Classified Staff.

Competent and effective performance of appropriate duties is expected of all staff members. An environment conducive to learning is essential in a university and essential to such an environment is an esprit de corps among faculty and students, academic and other employees. It is a basic responsibility of the unclassified and classified staff, as it is of all other university personnel, to contribute to that spirit and that kind of environment.


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