Part II Article V of Bylaws




Section 1. Rules of Order.

Robert's Rules of Order (latest revision) shall constitute the rules of parliamentary procedures applicable to all meetings of the Board, when not in conflict with any of the provisions of these bylaws.

Section 2. Order of Business.

In regular meetings of the Board, the order of business shall include the following:

                A.    Roll Call

                B.     Approval of the Agenda

                C.     Public Comments
                D.    Approval of minutes of the preceding regular meeting and all special meetings held subsequent thereto.

                E.    Reports and recommendations of standing and special committees.

                F.     Reports and recommendations of the President.

                G.    Other business. (10-26-01)

                H.    Reports for Board information.   (3-27-09)


Section 3. Reference to Committees.

In cases where feasible and desirable, before the Board takes action, any subject or measure should ordinarily be referred to the standing or special committee(s) in whose purview the matter falls.  The committee to which the matter is referred should act on it and submit to the Board its recommendations in writing, together with any resolutions necessary to support such recommendations.  However, this provision is not to be construed as preventing the Board from considering directly any matter which it judges could be more expeditiously and amicably handled by the Board.                      

       ( 4-23-99)


Section 4. Meetings.

In order that all interested parties and the public may be informed of all activities of the Board, it shall be the policy of the Board that all meetings be open to the public. Only when personnel or equally sensitive matters (e. g., litigation) are under consideration shall the Board enter into closed or executive session; provided, however, that no final or binding action shall be taken in conformity with R.S. 42:6. Public notice of all meetings shall be given at least ten days prior to the meetings.


The Board's Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman of the Board, shall prepare a tentative agenda and shall forward the agenda with its supporting data to each member of the Board at least ten days prior to a regular meeting of the Board. Particular items shall be included on the agenda by the Secretary, at the request of a member of the Board.



Each recommendation submitted to the Board shall be accompanied by an appropriate resolution for Board action.



All official actions of the Board shall require the affirmative vote of a majority of the members. The Chairman shall have the right to vote.  


Section 5. Minutes.

The minutes of Board meetings shall record official actions taken upon motions or resolutions which are voted upon by the Board, and may contain a summary of reports and discussions pertinent to the official action. When the Board's action is not by a unanimous vote, the "yeas," "nays" and abstentions of the individual members shall be recorded. The remarks, personal views, or vote explanations of an individual Board member shall be included in the minutes only upon request. The foregoing provisions relative to contents of the minutes shall, in general, also apply to minutes of committees of the Board. The minutes of meetings of the Board become official only when completed and approved by the Board.


Copies of all minutes, papers and documents of the Board, or its several committees, may be certified to be true and correct by either the Chairman or the Secretary to the Board.


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