Part II Article VI of Bylaws





Section 1. All communications to the Board, or to any committee thereof, from persons having official relations with the University System shall be filed in writing with the President and duly transmitted by him to the Board; but all communications from a student organization, teacher, officer, or employee of any campus or system-wide unit shall be transmitted to the President through the appropriate Chancellor, and transmitted by the President to the Board. With the concurrence of the Chairman of the Board, the President may transmit such communication to the appropriate committee of the Board. The President or the Chancellor shall have the authority to read and comment upon the communication, but shall not delay or withhold such communication, except as hereinafter provided. Such communications shall be filed with the Chancellor at least fifteen days before the meeting of the Board or Committee, and with the President at least twelve days before such meeting. In the event a Chancellor elects to withhold any such communication until the next meeting, such communication, or a true copy thereof, shall be promptly forwarded to the President with the notation from the Chancellor explaining such withholding. The author of any communication shall be notified of its disposition within five days of the action by a University Officer or the Board. Depending on the nature of the communication, the Chancellor or President may elect to seek a resolution to the concern. In this case, the communication, or a true copy thereof, along with a copy of the results of such involvement shall be transmitted by the President to the Board.  



Section 2. The above communication procedure shall be followed unless the Chairman of the Board requests information from persons having official relations with the University System, or any student organization, teacher, officer, or employee of any campus. Then, the aforementioned individuals may communicate directly with the Board of Supervisors. Additionally, if any of the aforementioned individuals, having information that, in their view, should be brought to the direct attention of the Board of Supervisors, they may do so. If the Board believes that such information should be directed through established procedures, then the Board shall so advise the individual.


Section 3. Public Comments.  A period shall be set aside during each meeting of the Board of Supervisors and its Committees for public comments on matters to be addressed on the agenda of the Board.  




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